Couple more panos

Finally had the time to sit down and merge 45+ pictures into 15+ HDR frames and then into one panoramic image. Here is what I came up with:

First up – Downtown LA as viewed from Griffith Observatory. I once heard that watching the glimmering lights of LA is like watching yourself dream from a distance. All I know is that I could’ve stayed up there all night just watching. What a sight.

LA Nightline

Next up – Grand Canyon sunrise. This one was taken just after sunrise from the south rim. The photo really does no justice to the sheer enormity and magnificence that is the Grand Canyon. Definitely one of the coolest places to watch a sunrise.

Grand Sunrise

I still have over 2,000 pictures to sort through and edit from last year including Sequoia and Yosemite national parks, so stay tuned for more and let me know what you think!


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