I’m finally getting around to updating the site after moving out to CA. This is a shot of downtown Miami taken from Miami Beach. Hopefully updates will be happening more frequently now. 🙂

Miami pano

Click the pic for a larger version!

Thanks for looking!



I’ve been working on providing a better, more efficient presentation for my galleries. I’m using a free program called Jalbum along with the BananAlbum skin. So far it has been working quite well and is much nicer than doing everything by hand like I was doing at first.

In other news, I just got myself a new toy: a Sigma 50-500 f/4-6.3 HSM APO lens. Also known as the “Bigma.” So far I am very impressed with this lens and hope to test it out in the Everglades in the coming weeks. Here is one of my first shots with the Bigma:

Bigma Sunset


Bare with me

The site has been going through some upgrades recently. As such, some links may not work and the layout may not be consistent from page to page. I’m still learning and it takes time to get everything updated properly. Bare with me though as I promise the upgrades will improve the site both visually and functionally!